Long Term Parking

Those who travel regularly on business naturally want cost-effective ground travel options and many just prefer driving to and from the airport in their own vehicle. Though they find this to be a convenient option, the one thing they are concerned about is the security and cost of parking at the airport.

This is a valid concern, because no one would like to see their vehicle vandalised or damaged when they come back from their trip. The one way to be assured that your car will be safe and sound is to opt for Park ‘N Fly’s Paphos Airport Parking.

Our secure facility in Paphos

This is one of the best options as we provide excellent, safe and secure parking facilities for people who are travelling in or out of Paphos airport. We are the most reputable airport parking facility in Paphos; in addition to providing the best Paphos Airport Parking Long Term Parking, we also provide overnight and one day options. You are always assured of the best services at the most reasonable rates.

Our padlocked & floodlit facility has a fence around the perimeter of the property and this ensures the security of your vehicle. In addition, we have round-the-clock CCTV surveillance and this serves as a deterrent to any vandals and thieves. In addition to this we offer both covered & uncovered places and you can choose the option suited to your preference. We have a large number of repeat customers who opt for our short term as well as long term Paphos Airport Parking.

Our Airport Parking Offers

They know that their vehicle will come to no harm when it is parked at our facility. We have been in this business since 2005 giving us the experience that helps us provide our customers with the best services. In 2015 we have a special 10th anniversary offer for our customers which is as follows:

  • discounted rate when booking online + one free day

We are very consistent in the manner in which we provide services and never falter on providing safe and secure Paphos Airport Parking Long Term.  Our facility is only 800m from the airport making it very convenient for our customers. This also means it’s almost like parking in the airport’s own parking lot except at a much lower charge and not left at your own risk.

Personalised services

Since we are a family-owned and operated company, we are very customer orientated in our approach and ensure that our customers receive personalized attention. We prioritize providing our customers with a high level of service and ensure that you always get value for money when you opt for Paphos Airport Parking . For any information about our rates and services, simply call Park N Fly on this +357 99 123 089. You can contact us through this online form and send us all your queries; we will respond within the shortest possible time.